We LOVE weddings. All kinds of weddings!

HandMade Entertainment will work with you to craft the day of your dreams.

We are all creatures of story and there is nothing so compelling and life-affirming as a love story. At Handmade Entertainment, we take great interest in your story and in those details that make it unique and magical. With you in mind, and using the world of celebratory possibilities we offer, we will help you design the perfect party and the most meaningful ceremony to celebrate your love. Handmade Entertainment can provide wedding entertainment in Toronto and surrounding GTA from a modern and hip DJ to a spectacle of live music, dance and performances.

Are you marrying someone from another culture? One of the best things about Toronto is the cross-pollination that happens here quite naturally. This meeting of cultures in the context of marriage and family is amazing and profound. Many people consider themselves fortunate to live here where such things are increasingly commonplace… something that may never happen in their countries of origin.

The meeting of traditions is also something that needs special care when it comes to planning weddings and the festivities around them. The HandMade team is well versed in communicating and listening deeply across many cultures. You are in good hands.

And the fun part is, there are so many ways to party. These are some ideas we can put together for you.

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We specialize in a hip and modern version of a traditional Zaffa (wedding procession). A band of musicians, drummers and dancers will regale you with hard grooves and ululations and lead you into the reception. Wend your way through the people then take to the dance floor for a few moments before the dancer(s) lead you to your table. The performers then do a short number in your honour to whet the appetites of your guests for the serious partying that is to come after they eat. What an exciting way to make an entrance!
Wedding Trills
This is a tradition from the Middle East that works beautifully in English too! A Wedding trill is a short, witty poem in 4 stanzas each punctuated with a piercing call. It is customary to hear numerous trills throughout the wedding festivities. Trills arise at key moments in the flow of the celebration. Their spirit is to energize, bless, honour, poke fun at, and generally decompress what is often a very charged atmosphere. They are always concluded with a rousing chorus of ululations. At HandMade, Roula Said will custom write a trill (or as many as you like) with you. At your ceremony and/or reception, it is performed as a song to toast the bride and groom and the union of their families. We will be sure to teach all the celebrants how to ululate before the trill begins! They work beautifully in intercultural weddings. Contact Roula @ for samples.
Pre-Wedding Festivities

Wedding Shower/Bachelorette

Delight your girlfriends and aunties with a night of song, drumming, and dance performance. Sit back and enjoy or join in on the fun with a Bollywood, Samba or Bellydance workshop.

Feeling even more sassy – how about some Can-Can or tasteful Burlesque?

Henna Parties

A Henna Party is an exciting alternative or adjunct to a shower or bachelorette.

You don’t have to be Middle Eastern or South Asian to have a henna artist come and adorn you and your friends and family with beautiful, natural, temporary tattoo designs.

Tasteful Bachelor Parties

Let’s face it. We need to experience our life-affirming sexiness on the way to our wedding.

And who to bring the most tasteful, wholesome, empowered and playful sexuality… and elegant sensuality…than the finest Belly, Samba, Flamenco, African, and Burlesque dancers in the city.

Our soloists and troupes absolutely delight and enchant. For the maximum punch, you can always hire any of our dancers with live music. There’s nothing so good as music and dance in the moment together. But if you are keeping it simple and more affordable, our soloists and troupes can always perform to recorded tracks.

Our policy regarding Bachelor Parties / All-male events.

HandMade Entertainment’s dancers will appear at bachelor parties/all male events providing the following requirements are met unconditionally:

  • The party must be in a public space. No private residences or hotel rooms.
  • The client on behalf of all of his guests agrees upon a strict no-touch policy.
  • The client on behalf of his guests agrees that the dancer will be treated with decency and respect.
  • If the dancer feels unsafe for any reason, she reserves the right to leave.
  • The full cost for the event is paid in advance. There will be a $100 chaperone fee attached to the quoted performance rate.