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Toronto is known for multicultural diversity and the workplace is no exception. This city is expressed by more than 200 distinct ethnicities. As a business in Toronto, entertainment for corporate events including parties, team building and product launch events should reflect this diversity while providing a fun, memorable and unique experience for guests.

There are a number of ways to weave the multicultural diversity of Toronto with event entertainment for corporate events including:

Corporate Parties

There are many cultures that have grown up to the sound of live music, which lights up the room, and the hearts and souls of guests. Live music provides an in-the-moment, lively experience for holiday, retirement and employee appreciation parties.

Handmade Entertainment will design and combine artistic and thematic elements to give employees and management what is needed to come together in a spirit of joy. This can include a diverse set that travels from countries all over the world including Cuba, Spain and Africa. The feeling of connecting with home will be loved and appreciated by everyone attending a corporate event whether they are new to Toronto or have lived here their entire lives. Everyone appreciates a company that recognizes and celebrates the people that make this city the fourth most multicultural in the world.

DJs with a world flavour provide the perfect bridge between diverse musical mixes and mainstream/popular culture.

Team Building

The days of team building events in boardrooms via assembly presentation or workshop format are long gone. Employees are craving team building exercises that put them directly in touch with their colleagues. Corporate team building events in Toronto can be fun, educational and will bridge communication gaps through celebrating and sharing culture. This results in teams that understand each other on a whole new level and work better with one another.

Dance is a great way to get people in touch with themselves and in sync with one another, and drum workshops are incredibly uplifting, inclusive and accessible. Handmade Entertainment can teach Arabic, African, Brazilian rhythms and more.

Product Launches

In addition to corporate events and team building, product launch parties are becoming a necessary event for making new products and services take off in a competitive marketplace. A product launch party that is produced by Handmade Entertainment will enliven or animate any theme, story or scenario. Artists can act as hostesses, strolling musicians, buskers, elegant moving statues, and more.

Statistics Canada anticipates minority populations will more than double in the next 20 years to 5.6 million, and the City of Toronto suburbs are expected to surpass the 50 per cent visible minority mark in 2017. It has been predicted that by 2031, almost 63 per cent of the region’s population will be from a visible minority community. For corporate entertainment ideas for Toronto business, adding a diverse flavor is warmly accepted and even expected.

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