Aug 222015

A wedding should be a fun and unique experience for family, friends and the lucky couple. With some planning and know-how the wedding, and pre-wedding festivities, can be the most memorable life event for the couple and for those who love them. Weddings that tastefully go outside of the box and weave entertainment and activities that represent the couple, their culture and city is the perfect blend of tradition and innovation that guests appreciate. A couple should celebrate their love with entertainment that is unique, full of soul and designed to celebrate their devotion to one another.

From the engagement party to the big day there are unique, fun and leading-edge wedding entertainment services in Toronto that cater to couples that want to venture away from the same-old and offer their guests an experience that stirs their heart and moves their feet.

Pre-Wedding and Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Henna Parties for a Bachelorette Party

Toronto is a multicultural city and guests of any age will be delighted by activities that show homage to the cross-cultural nature of the city. Henna parties are traditional to the Middle East and South Asia but any bachelorette party will be enhanced with this natural, temporary tattoo body art, which is hand-painted by a professional artist.

The party will become fun and lively if female singers, dancers and musicians are hired as they will drum, sing and teach dance moves throughout the henna party to provide entertainment while guests are being adorned. If a henna party is hosted the night before the wedding, guests will look fabulous at the wedding party and reception, and will have henna tattoos to show off and talk about all night!

bridal henna

Tasteful Bachelor Parties and Stag & Doe

If you want to throw a party for the guys, or the guys and girls, there isn’t a much better experience than dancers and live music. The traditional DJ dance party is always expected and fun but couples that want a customized, modern and memorable party can hire unique entertainment in Toronto for their night-before festivities. Dancers that specialize in styles such as samba, bellydance, flamenco and burlesque are entertaining and fun for any guest, and a live band playing specifically for the couple, with a set list that has been hand selected and rehearsed just for the occasion, is a unique and memorable way to dance with friends and celebrate the couple’s love and connection.

Zaffa Ceremony

After the wedding ceremony, the entrance into the reception is definitely a moment to be considered. Some couples are announced and run in together holding hands, and some start the reception with their first dance. If a couple wishes to have a unique and different experience that their guests will not soon forget they should consider an innovative and modern take on the zaffa. This is a wedding procession from the Middle East where a band of dancers and musicians will lead the couple to their reception with attention-grabbing live music and ululations. What an entrance!

Have you heard of wedding trills? Watch the video and see how this Middle Eastern tradition works beautifully in English too!

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